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About Us

We find Influential Creators within Sports, Music, Entertainment who have loyal and engaged audiences and we develop physical products for them within Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Beverage and Snacks.
Drop3 finance the project while providing full end-to-end product-to-market launch, managing everything from concept initiation to product development, production, marketing and last mile delivery to customers.
We have Team's expertise on board across product development, sourcing, production, marketing, sales and financial planning to ensure the most complex stages of brand build are hustle free for Creators.
We are looking for Creators who we could build the Brand together with. Creators would have an input needed during the development stages while keeping their audiences fully in tune with the process until the launch.
This project is beyond just a traditional partnership: we take it one step further by giving the Creator an opportunity to transform their vision into a product that they feel passionate about and most importantly the product that would appeal to their audience. 
Via the Drop3 Foundation % of proceeds will be donated on an ongoing basis to kids’ charities &  youth shelters, supporting kids who are escaping poverty and or abusive homes. We will start with those UK-based and target to expand worldwide as we grow!
Drop us a note if you would like to partner with us: